'"I see red, I turn red." Discuss'

artists' responses

The work of Dublin-born Peter Doyle, appears to derive from a memoriesd state, often depicting those seemingly innocuous snapshots of everyday life through a playful visual appeal. This ‘playful mundanity’ pervades his work, through the use of bright colours and everyday activities of his subjects, like painting of a women in a red room with a statue of a horse. Similarly, the Slovakia-born Texas-based painter Katarina Janeckova, portrays a certain implicit depth through a visual childlike facade. The ubiquitous playfulness, often featuring personified animals as well as animal/human interaction is irresistibly conveyed through bright colours like an intimate visual fairytale - holding snakes whilst drinking red wine shouldn't look innocent, yet somehow, it really does.

Jay Miriam is a New York born and based painter, who's work emanates a special breed of jovial confidence. Her work is painted directly from memory, with the female figures that constitute her paintings inviting you into their world via a series of friendly yet assertive strokes, depicting a wholesome truth with a mystical corium. She has had work exhibited in Europe, US, Canada & Australia, and now Tanning Girls shall make it's Dublin debut. 

The diversity of responses, which are elicited by redness is not only exemplified on a case-by-case subject basis, but also by the range of medium which will feature in the exhibition. Maser, the Dublin based street artist who has been receiving critical acclaim for his politically energised murals, will also be exhibiting his spray paint 'redsponse' Together, as well as two original works from Decoy, another Dublin-born street artist who has been making waves on the Irish Street Art scene.   

Mark Todd is an LA based illustrator and painter. His current focus is on the creation of pseudo record covers, interpreting existing covers by applying his own comedic style depicted often through the use of mixed-media which is heavily evidenced in his work The Redness. Aside from his client list ranging from Cartoon Network to Rolling Stones Magazine, he has won numerous awards including Society of Illustrators NY and Art Directors Club. 

red-ness-ness? the concept

Rednessness  is a double predicate. In logic and language a predicate is something that can be loosely defined as the attribution of traits of a specific subject to produce a meaningful sentence. (The predicate, is essentially the form of a particular and it’s meaning.) If we are to state that ‘an apple is red’, we can restructure the sentence to say that ‘the apple has redness’. The artists are responding to redness, and producing red physical pieces of red responses that are elicited by said redness. As the spectators come to view the art, we can say that the responses that reside in each particular artwork is rednessness - a red property of something, built upon another red property of something else entirely.


The diversity of medium is intentional. By using the rigid constant of redness, the spectator can view the diverse modes of perception & conception, and the outputs that result.


And what a splendid thing that is?


opening night

selected works

Peter Doyle, painting of a women in a red room with a statue of a horse, 2018.

120 x 150cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Mark Todd, The Redness, 2018. 

Acrylic and plastic on panel (framed)

30.5 x 30.5cm

Jay Miriam, Tanning Girls , 2018.

50x 50cm

Oil on Linen.

Katarina Janeckova, You can have it all , 2018.

109 x 89cm.

Rachel Clarke, Take. 2018.

210 x 297mm

Kathryn Rose, Pouring Salt on Violence,  2018. Oil on panel, bronze frame.

15 x 10cm

Maser, Together, 2018.

Spray paint,

120 x 100cm.



Katarina Janeckova

Kathryn Rose

Kurb Junkie

Peter Doyle

Jay Miriam


Mark Todd

Neil Dunne

Harriet Bruce

Rob Ickis Mirolo

Charlie Brand

Molly Rae

Blue Niall

Julie Weber

Aoife Moiselle

Giulia Canevari

Niamh Ni Bhroin

Sophie Murphy 

Niamh Hannaford

Andrew Simpson

Cesca Saunders

Bob Fitzgerald

Rachel Clarke

Geoff Ryan


Pan Cooke

Robyn Carey

Mariam Ahmed

Fintan O'Byrne

Sona Harrison

Steve McCarthy

Elizabeth Curran

Hazel Coonagh

Jessie De Boe

Fiachra O Suilleabhain