Taproot Art Auction i

Taproot Art Auction

For Inner City Helping Homeless

Taproot Art Auction took place in January 2018. The live auction was created as an attempt to raise both awareness and means to aid the mental health and homelessness crisis - the two of which are inextricably linked - in Ireland.  Artists from around the world donated pieces and raised €3.5k for the Inner City Helping Homeless foundation, an organisation which is 100% charity based, and looks specifically into the interweaving of these issues. 

Taproot Art Auction

Video by James Edmondson


John Ratajkowski

Harriet Bruce

Jay Miriam



Dylan kerr 

Ickis Mirolo

Peter Doyle

Hugh Cooney

Sophie Murphy

Stephen McCarthy

Bob London

Tim Strazza

Blaise Cepis

Neil Dunne

Doug Ross 

Geoff Ryan

​Fintan O'Byrne

Joelle Molloy

Pan Cooke

Ruan van Vliet

Robyn Carey

Julie Weber

Caolan Barron

Robert Fitzgerald

Cesca Saunders

Sona Harrison

Rachel Clarke

Hazel Coonagh

Andrew Simpson

Evan Musgrave

Aoife Dunne

Keelin Coyle

Mariam Ahmad

Stephen Heffernan

James Edmondson

Cyan Ryan

Josh Scannell

Zoe Perrin


Photography by Greg Purcell 


Select Works 

MART Studios, 190a Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, Ireland

Sophie Murphy

For all enquiries info@taprootart.com