Is 2 really better than 1?

Do opposites really attract?

Do two halves really make a whole?


Press Release

PAIRS aims to explore the power of dual relationships through visual art.

Each artwork will be displayed - in tandem - with another artwork.

No pair will look the same, and each pair will be unique.


By ‘pairing’ an artwork with a specific similarity to another, we are exposed to certain features of the art that we may ordinarily overlook. The power of their unity becomes a spectacle in its own right. Each ‘pair’ will enjoy a unique relationship, bound via the aesthetic or conceptual, through form or through narrative.


Curated by Sophie Murphy, PAIRS will feature art from some leading Irish and International contemporary visual artists, including Shane Berkery - who recently, has had work feature in the Start Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery this month - Dublin-based street artist DecoyJames Kirwan. The works of some international treasures - none of which are new to the global art scene - will also make an appearance. Two works by Jay Miriam (NYC, currently pursuing a MFA in New York Academy of Art), a large scale work by Miniature Tigers star Charlie Brand (LA), and two works by Slovakia-born, Texas-based painter, Katarina Janeckova.


The theme of dual relationships, opposites, halves, doubles and 2’s, will pervade the exhibition -. Expect music and art, and either through refreshments (courtesy of Glendalough Distillery & Caterway Fruit and Veg), entertainment (Courtesy of Hugh Cooney, who will be performing a short form piece at the opening or decor...inside/outside, night/day, red wine/white wine... prepare to see nothing that isn’t paired.



RARE Art Gallery, 

12 Castle Market St,

Dublin 2

September 28 - October 6

Opening 6pm


Sophie Murphy,


Featured Work

Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose
Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose

Oil on Canvas, 36' x 24'

Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose
Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose

''s the pits..', Niamh Hannaford
''s the pits..', Niamh Hannaford

2018, Acrylic on Canvas 16.5'' x 21''

Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose
Roblet IV, 2016. Kathryn Rose

Oil on Canvas, 36' x 24'





Jay Miriam

Kathryn Rose

Shane Berkery

James Kirwan

Hugh Cooney

Charlie Brand

Harriet Bruce

Rob Mirolo

Pan Cooke

Kurb Junki

Neil Dunne

Aoife Moiselle

Andrew Simpson

Katarina Janeckova

Niamh Hannaford

Eva O’Donovan

Fintan O Byrne

Conor Nolan

Clare Lyons