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Dublin | Lisbon

taproot_art is an experimental project & dealership founded by sophie murphy in dublin, november 2017. taproot_art sources contemporary art by established and emerging artists for collectors & appreciators, hosts benefit auctions in aid of pressing social issues, as well as ad-hoc exhibitions pertaining often to, but not strictly to, philosophical concepts or avant-garde, whimsical themes. taproot_art was born out of a dual-root desire to a) educate spectators on abstract ideas through the gauze of a humorous/visual explosion, while promoting emerging and established contemporary artists both in ireland and beyond, and b) bring attention to pressing social issues via a method that is both culturally and community oriented.



born in dublin, ireland, sophie has an MA in philosophy and MSc in interactive media from trinity college dublin. since graduating, sophie has worked extensively in the arts, including green on red gallery and sothebys, as well as an in-house designer for start-ups. prior to this, sophie worked in the brooklyn institute for social research in new york city, and founded and hosted 3 podcasts - a podcast in association with brooklyn public philosophers, a philosophy podcast with dublin city fm and another dedicated solely to female artists. while having not formally trained as an auctioneer, sophie has been asked on occasion to host auctions for other organisations on foot of her performances. she has a history of working in the performing arts and has dabbled with stand up comedy in recent years. sophie values the humourous in all aspects of life, and believes that the jovial and intellectual are not mutually exclusive, but can indeed be one of the same - philosophy and visual art included. taproot_art can be seen as a project which serves as a culmination of this eclectic array of experience and interests.

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