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Middle English derived from Old French, once again derived from Latin- 'fructus' can be defined as 'enjoyment of produce, harvest’. Indeed, origins of language can serve as a good barometer for many things, but it is certainly a good way to understand how the masses felt about primitive things during humanity's more nascent stages. In the case for fruit, it would appear as though enjoyment is embedded in the very definition of its term, and understandably so.  Fruit symbolises so much more than simply being a byproduct of the earths natural labours, but also the enjoyment it offers to its both consumers, innovators and spectators alike. It is the foundation for juice, paintings, landscapes, perfumes, memes, vitamin intake, and now...well, auctions. For one night only, you can bask in this enjoyment and appreciate fruit in all its glories and capabilities, by observing great works from a set of top contemporary artists while devouring a mango simultaneously.  

The work of Dublin-born Peter Doyle, appears to derive from a memoriesd state, often depicting those seemingly innocuous snapshots of everyday life through a playful visual appeal. This ‘playful mundanity’ pervades his work, through the use of bright colours and everyday activities of his subjects, like Lemons is Paris.. 


Similarly, Jay Miriam is a New York born and based painter, who's work emanates a special breed of jovial confidence. Her work is painted directly from memory, with the female figures that constitute her paintings inviting you into their world via a series of friendly yet assertive strokes, depicting a wholesome truth with a mystical corium. She has had work exhibited in Europe, US, Canada & Australia, and now Woman Eating Avocado like Apple shall be on display in Dublin 

Shane Berkery, Dublin born and based painter long known for his impeccable gift of capturing the essence of his subject matter through a photorealistic yet jovial gauze, will have his new work Dionysus on display; Dionysus being the Greek god of fruitfulness and vegetation, especially known as a god of wine and ecstasy. 



Neil Dunne (Dublin)

Blaise Cepis (New York)

Shane Berkery (Dublin)

Miriam Dema (Barcelona)

Robyn Carey (Dublin)

Jay Miriam (New York)

Peter Doyle (London/Dublin)

Fergal Styles (Dublin)

Hugh Cooney (Dublin)

Claire Prouvost (Dublin)

Donal Talbot (Lisbon/Dublin)

Kathryn Rose (New York)

Dan Comerford (Dublin/Paris)

Niall Cullen (Dublin)

Antonia (Lisbon)

Decoy (Dublin)

Rob Mirolo (Leipzig/Dublin)

Roisin Nolan (Dublin)

Cyan Ryan (Dublin)

Geoff Ryan (Dublin)



Blueberry Daydreams, KathrynRose, oil paint on panel, 10”x7” framed,_ copy

Kathryn Rose - Blueberry Daydreams, 2020


Neil Dunne - Banana, 2022

Shane_Berkery_the girl with grapes

Shane Berkery - Dionysus, 2022


Blaise Cepis -Flaming Hot Clemintine Tic Tac Heaven, 2022

Jay Miriam an Orange Succulant

Jay Miriam - An Orange Succulent, 2018

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