Taproot Art is an organisation which hosts exhibitions and art auctions both in Dublin and far afield. The primary aim is to support contemporary artists from both Ireland and internationally, and have their work exhibited and sold through carefully curated exhibitions, drawing inspiration mostly from philosophical ideas, in an array of galleries both in Dublin and internationally. Taproot Art also offers an art advisory service for businesses and individuals, as well as graphic design services. For more information you can contact us here




Taproot Art was founded by Sophie Murphy in November 2017. Sophie arrived home to Dublin from New York this month, after working in a non-profit environment for some time. She was stunned all over again by the housing crisis and mental health crisis that pervades Ireland, one of the major manifestations resulting in mass homelessness. This prompted the first Taproot Art benefit auction, which as well as raising 3.5k for volunteer organisation Inner City Helping Homeless, followed by an auction which raised money for the Repeal the 8th campaign. From this Taproot Art was born, and blossomed into the mobile gallery it is today, bringing people together in the name of international culture and solidarity.